Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glee: No One Kissed A Girl

Oh Glee.  Why must you taunt me so?  After one episode that showed a microcosm of promise I had foolishly hoped that you would start being good.  Well, maybe not good, but at least adequate.  But alas, it was not to be.  The Ringer was better than you last night.  Freaking The Ringer!  Here's what sucked (and what sucked a little bit less) about last night's episode, I Kissed A Girl.

The High Notes:

Sugar Matta
So, here is how to make a terrible character awesome:  Never let her speak.  No, seriously.  Sugar, who normally grates on my last nerve, was adorable in the background of this week's episode.  She made funny faces.  She bounced around.  She wore headbands.  And was by far and away the most entertaining thing about this episode.  Four for you Roxanne Bojarski!
Puck Tells Quinn "You're A Freakin' Mess"
Sure, it was followed by semi supportive preachyness, but I'm going to ignore that part and focus on the fact that someone finally told Quinn, to her face, that she'd gone all loco bananas.  Because she has.  If this were Ryan Murphy's other TV show, I would be holding out hope that all of my questions would be solved eventually, and in the case of Quinn we'd come to understand why she has become a grade A psycho bitch.  But its Glee.  So I'm not going to start counting any of those chickens.

That Was A Little Flat

Oh Santana.  When the writers decided that this season they had a hard on for you, I was hopeful that you'd actually have a good storyline that was written well.  And it seemed like it was going in that direction...until this episode happened.  What should have been the big emotional Santana episode turned into a hot mess of a story.  Santana is a bitch, Finn sings to her and Santana cries, Santana comes out to her parents off camera who are totally cool about it but her Abuela on camera, who is totally not.  The whole thing was rushed and seemed to focus on the unimportant aspects of the story (read: Finn showing Santana the light) rather than taking us on her journey.  It also didn't let Naya Rivera, who I have actually come to think is talented, do much more than the same slightly constipated sad face.
See?  I do credit the show with finally having a family member who is less than perfect about the whole coming out thing, as I suspect is sort of more the norm in middle America.  But the rest blew chunks and was a major let down.

Yikes, That Was Sour

The Music
After the great Adele mash up in the last episode, I had hopes that Glee had once again found its musical footing.  But every number in this was seriously underwhelming.  It seriously felt like they needed filler and came up with songs and situations that required the least amount of arrangement, choreography or skill.  The only group number, I Kissed A Girl, fell flat and I'm still trying to wash Coach Beiste's Jolene out of my brain.  Speaking of...

Beiste V. Sue
Watching Beiste pine over the man dating Sue was painful to watch from just about every angle.  It's funny to me how Glee refuses to develop Artie or Tina and yet Beiste gets so much of a storyline.  But the biggest problem with this story is that I WANT to like it.  Girl who never gets the guy goes after the cutie dating the evil blonde? I mean, that's the making of every good teen 90s film. And the awkwardness of the actual characters involved should make it really unique.  But mostly, its uncomfortable to watch and crazy hard to buy.  I want this storyline to die.  I want it to die now.

Kurt's Sweaters
This needs no explanation.  Just look.

Who in wardrobe did Chris Colfer piss off?

That's it. It's all the Glee my brain can take.  Luckily, the far superior Ryan Murphy show is on tonight, and will hopefully rid me of any memory of last night's disaster of an episode.

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