Monday, November 7, 2011

Great Scene: The West Wing

When it comes to great scenes, I usually tend to favor two person back and forths where it is the specific combination of those two individuals at that specific moment that leads to an explosive, heart-warming or  painful moment.  While monologues can be great, I usually find them to be a little self indulgent on the writer's part.  Or they seem like actor Emmy bait.  But sometimes, monologues are so good I don't care if they are any of those things.  And those times are usually when its something written by Aaron Sorkin.  And this amazing scene from The West Wing's Two Cathedrals shows exactly why.

The set up:  The devout President Bartlet is left alone in a cathedral after the death of his long time secretary, Mrs. Landigham.  What happens next is a wonderful display of a President's anger at his situation and a man furious with his creator.

Great.  Scene.

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