Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Countdown to Tofurkey Day: FRIENDS

FRIENDS is a show that a lot of people loved for a long time.  And it's enjoyable.  But did it deserve to be as special a part of pop culture history as it became?  For the most part, no.  But every year there was one FRIENDS episode that I looked forward to more than any other.  And it was their salute to Thanksgiving.  Now that I'm in my twenties and the holiday is spent with my own friends rather than family I find an even stronger kinship to those episodes than ever before.  And I still find them hella funny.

My all time favorite FRIENDS episode is The One With All The Thanksgivings, in which we see the turkey days of yore for our gang and learn quite a bit about them too.  It's a big Chandler/Monica episode, as we find out that a comment he made about her was the reason she lost weight and then dropped a knife on his toe.  At the end she tries to apologize by sticking the Turkey on her head and dancing around, which is not only hilarious but a high point for the series as it prompts Chandler to tell her he loves her for the first time.  If you are watching the Friends Marathon this weekend, you should hold out for this one.

While some Thanksgiving episodes brought out the guest stars (I still think Brad Pitt's turn in one is some of his best work) sometimes the best comes from just bringing the funny.  This clip, where Rachel accidentally makes a trifle out of a Shepard's Pie recipe that the gang has to eat always cracks me up.  Joey's final line is something I often quote, and it brings me much holiday cheer.  Click here for a clear but non-embeddable clip:

Or watch here:

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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