Monday, November 21, 2011

Countdown to Tofurkey Day: Movies

Thanksgiving is this week!  Hooorrraaayyyyy!  As an adult, I'm mostly excited that this means a five day weekend, but its also typically a magical time for family (or in my case, faux family) bonding and good food.  So that's fun.

One of the radio stations that I listen to does a guess the celebrity segment in the morning, where they play an audio clip and callers have to say who it is.  This week's theme is, naturally, Thanksgiving films. But once I heard it I was all confuzzled.  I only know one film, Pieces of April, that fits this category.  Even after they played the clip, I racked my brain trying to figure out where this audio bit came from.  What other Thanksgiving films are there?  Hey, guess what.  It was Katie Holmes.  And the film was Pieces of April.  It really must be only Thanksgiving movie.

Turns out I'm wrong.  A little wrong, at least.  A quick google search points to Hanna And Her Sisters, Home For The Holidays and even Planes Trains and Automobiles as films with Thanksgiving at least peripherally in sight.  But with the abundance of Christmas films, not to mention films names after Valentines Day, New Years Eve and even Groundhog Day, its a little surprising that a far more central holiday doesn't get all that much love from Hollywood.  So I'm vowing here and now that if someone makes a Thanksgiving film, hell-even a Black Friday film, I'll be one butt in a seat.  It's time for a little more holiday cheer in the cinema.  And it would be nice to have more films to blog about too.

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