Sunday, November 13, 2011

Morning After Review: SNL with Emma Stone

A few thoughts on last night's Saturday Night Live:

The Cold Open: Republican Debate
When I began religiously watching SNL in the mid 90's, the cold open could be anything.  The one rule, and I think it was a good one, was that it had to be funny.  The current regime feels that it has to be political, which frankly is sometimes a really boring way to start the show.  With an election year fast approaching, at least they actually have something to mock and this week's Republican debate DID give them some genuine material.  That being said, I had a similar problem to it that I have when they mock Kathy Lee and Hoda...when the real life thing is so ridiculous it doesn't seem much like an exaggeration at all.

Monologue: Emma Stone
I enjoyed that they referenced the fact that they were totally ripping off Kirsten's Dunst's old Spiderman monologue but it pretty much sucked.  And the ANDREW GARFIELD showed up.  Win.

Secret Word
Emma Stone was hysterical in this.  Her beauty queen was such a ditzy creep and I'll be quoting that "the state bird is the peach" for a while.  The audience seemed to dig Kristen Wigg too, although to me it felt like wayyy too much of the same from her...she's a three note comedienne to me and here use used all three at once.  Overall, not much new to see here but not a total dud either.

WXPD News: New York
Bill Hader, to me, is by far and away the best that SNL has to offer, so I always appreciate any sketch that is Hader centric.  I still laugh any time Hader's old man news reporter Herb hits the mic in the face of ther person he is interviewing.  It was especially funny when they took the joke to the next level by having him prod Kristen Wigg with it to verify that her character was in fact a woman.  The fake punches at the end sucked, though.  But I guess that's live TV for you.

Digital Short
Andy Samberg sings about wanting it to rain in his video.  Not a digital short I will remember.

Coldplay: Paradise
As you know if you read my Friday post, this song has been talking to me.  So, even though I am not a Coldplay fan, I was excited to hear it.  Enjoyed it, really enjoyed the black light graffiti set but what the hell is up with Chris Martin?  Can he open his eyes when he sings, or can only one orifice be functioning at a time?

Weekend Update:
The concept of Jason Sudeikis' devil being offended by the Penn Sate scandal was funny, but it fell a little short in execution.  It felt like they truly wanted it to be a "Really w/Seth and ___" but decided against it.  I did enjoy the list of all of the things on the Internet that the devil was responsible for...that was clever.  I almost wish that was a sketch in itself.
Garth and Kat is the one of my favorite things Kristen Wigg does and the only thing I ever enjoy of Fred Armisen's but it was fun to see.  Chris Martin being their back up singer was a fun twist a sketch that always the same.  And hey, he had his eyes open here!  But I guess it would be really hard to read lips without them.

Les Jeunes De Paris
Yes! I love Ta Douleur  and the Miley version sketch so was hoping for this.  Granted, this whole people dance to odd music and strange things happen sketch isn't for everyone but I love it.  It was the least successful of the three they have done (I think it is the music choice) but who doesn't love someone giving birth to a midget on stage?

Bridal Shower Gone Wrong:
Emma Stone's odd older man character Wallace was a hoot and his gifts of gay porn and used anal lubricant, along with his human toilet provided for some laughs.  This was Stone's sketch, and I'm glad they let her play the old man with the odd proclivities rather than a party goer with one of the regulars taking on the Wallace role.  It would have made it less fun.  This was my favorite sketch of the night, although I'm not sure that the audience agreed.

Coldplay: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
I'm not sure if that was Chris Martin dancing or if a ghost was beating him up on stage, but it was odd either way.   Also needed to look up the name of song since I couldn't understand a word of the lyrics.  Could we not have done Paradise again?

Crying At The Office
The pulling ice cream to eat out of nowhere  and shots of Coldplay crying was funny, but all I could think was "Why haven't I tried listening to Adele while I'M crying at the office?"  So, thanks for the idea, SNL.  I know it was a joke, but I'm totally taking it seriously.

We're Gonna Make Technology Hump
The title says it all.  Very much an end of the show sketch and one of those "who the fuck came up with this?" things.  But I bet I know a bunch of World Of Warcraft fans who thought it was funny.  But for

Overall an okay show, by far not the worst that I've seen but not Timberlake level stellar either.  I did appreciate the use of the host and even the musical guest in the sketches and enjoyed that the political sketches were kept to a minimum.  And did I mention Andrew Garfield?  Oh, I did.  Well, yeah.  That was good too.

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