Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Great Scene: The 4400

STOP RIGHT NOW if you ever intend to watch The 4400.  And you really should.  But if you don't care to listen to my amazing popinion or don't mind some major spoilage, please proceed.  Because this was a great scene.

The 4400 was a little known show on USA that started as a six part mini-series and ran for four years.  Sure it had USA production value and was a semi-procedural, but if you could get past all of that it really was kind of good.  The original premise was simple...4,400 people who were mysteriously taken throughout the past century are all returned at the same time and place with no memory of what happened to them.  But the world of the story quickly grew, especially when we realized that all of these people had come back with a different ability.  It was a pre-Heroes heroes, except it didn't start to suck after the first season.

Shawn Farrell was always my favorite of the returnees...a teen boy when he was taken, he came back to find that his younger brother Danny was now the same age and had trouble fitting in to the new family dynamic.  What was especially difficult was that Shawn was one of the first to develop a power, one in which he could both heal and kill with a simple touch.  He eventually went to live with the leader of a pro-4,400 movement and eventually became the face of the empire.  In what ended up being the series finale, Danny takes a shot that has been developed to give its user a 50/50 chance of either developing a power like the that of the 4,400 or dropping dead.  He soon find that he is a walking version of that shot, forcing everyone anywhere near him to gain an ability or a need for a casket.  Inhibiting his power is incredibly painful for Danny, but letting it do its thing means that half of the world's population would perish.

In this powerful scene, Danny begs Shawn to kill him to stop all the pain.  It's heartbreaking to watch Danny, who was always viewed Shawn as his rival begging his brother for help and even worse to see Shawn have to kill the one person he has left to love.

Skip ahead to 5:52 and watch the tearful goodbye.

Great. Scene.

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