Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Morning After Review: SNL With Jason Segel

Another Saturday gone by, another SNL.  This time with Jason Segel.  Let's reminisce about last night.

Cold Open:
Like a lot of SNL skits of late, Mitt Romney "Raw and Unleashed"was a one note joke about Mitt Romney wanting to appear edgy and dangerous but not being able to.  Once you got past the first joke, it was a predictable and unfunny cold open.  And something about Sudekis' Romney voice bugs.

Shallow note: Remember when How I Met Your Mother started and Jason Segel was kind of cute is a real guy sort of way?  The Muppet thing must have got to him because he kind of looks like one now.

Segel sang with the Muppets, who think that they are also are also hosting SNL.  Segel has pleasant singing voice, the song was catchy and the Muppets were adorable.  It wasn't super funny but it was a better monologue than last week and was definitely enjoyable.  And sadly, one of the best things about the night.

Red Flag:
A take off on those Chanel commercials, this had Kristen Wigg as a woman who men should be warned against.  Wigg's faces in it did make me laugh (which is rare for me) and while I'm not sure why the Chanel tie in, it was a funny concept.

Replacing Regis:
An excuse to have everyone on the show do a different impersonation  in a revolving door of potential co-hosts for Live with Kelly Ripa, this let the cast show what they are made of.  The best?
Sudekis' Rickey Gervais, Armisen's George Lopez, Elliot's Zooey Dechenel and Farrel's Denzel Washington.  I actually found it disappointing that the cast is so good at impressions and yet they use them so rarely.  I'd love to see any of these characters host a home decorating show or try to give law advice.   I don't know.  There is something good in there that they just aren't using.

Kemper-Pedic Commercial
This is one of those one note jokes (Segel does several things on his side of the bed, that all resemble masturbation, that won't wake his wife) that worked because of the short nature of the sketch.  One of the better fake commercials I have seen of late.

Kissing Family Thanksgiving:
I thought this was funny the first time I saw it years ago.  Now?  I get annoyed by the lip smacking noises and am bugged that they have nothing new to provide.  People spinning around before they kiss doesn't make it fresh and guys locking lips isn't edgy anymore.  They tried to change it up by having people spit food at each other but it just came off as gross and made no sense when they later referred to it as affection.  Spitting food is not kissing, folks.  This does not expand on what you do have, it takes it in a barfy direction.  But Paul Rudd showed up and him and I'm a sucker for a surprise guest, so that was fun.

Florence and The Machine: Shake It Out
Florence has a great voice and I enjoy this song but it was not a terribly exciting performance.  With a choir on stage you think there would be more movement but...nothing.  I prefer to listen than watch, which makes for an unsuccessful performance.

Weekend Update:
Govener Hunstman
Ah, so begins the "Candidates show up on SNL".  Hustsman's New Hampshire love was a good concept and he didn't totally bomb and I kind of love that SNL is part of the campaign stops now.  Will we see the president on it before election time?  My guess is yes.

Really with Seth and Kermit
Kermit saying Really was cute but school lunches was not the topic to do it on and having a Muppet there made the whole thing a little to PG for my taste.

Seth was pretty on tonight.  Go Seth!

Retirement Party
This sketch was NOT funny and Kristen Wigg's screeching hurt my ears.  Fail SNL.

New Jack Swing:
I never love when SNL does brief silly songs by various fake artists, but they continue to do it so it must appeal to someone.  Right?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Although I must admit, Florence was way more entertaining here than in her actual performance.

Digital Short:
"Seducing Women Through Chess"  Um, what was that?

Florence and The Machine: No Night No Light
See the above comment about performance number one, take out choir and put in harp.  Done.

The Blue Jean Committee
Oh Hey, Paul Rudd again!  Other than that, what was happening here?  Was the song supposed to be funny?  Were the people rocking out to it supposed to be funny?  None of it was.  Another week that I'm really curious what got cut in dress if this made it to air.

This was an episode that started out okay and then just got bad.  There wasn't a very good use of the host and the sketches just seemed thrown together.  What was the most disappointing was that the Regis sketch showed that there is some serious talent in this group.  I just hope some day they will get material to match.

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