Friday, November 11, 2011

Depression Induced Lyric Loving

I am sad.  It's why I haven't blogged too much this week, it's why I didn't love last night's mid season finale of The Vampire Diaries, its why I can't muster up the energy to talk about American Horror Story, which I actually did sort of like.  Sadness sucks.  And it changes you in a really unhealthy way.  And for me...well I think that the radio is sending me messages.

For real.

Last night, while driving home, Coldplay's Paradise seemed to be talking about me.  Oh my god!  I was just a girl who expected the world!  It did fly away from my reach!  Life goes on, but it DOES get so heavy!  And so I started to cry.  (Has crying always been this unpleasant?  I really don't like it)  No sooner had the droplets started to fall from my face that Andy Grammer's Keep Your Head Up started to play.  I DO need to keep my head up because I really SHOULD let my hair down!  It IS hard to remember sometimes, but I WILL turn out fine!  Thanks music!

The worst of it came this morning when Kelly Clakson's Mr. Know It All came on the radio.  Yes, I know it's about a relationship.  The Mr. in the title does kind of tip off the whole about a guy thing.  But I started relating it to how my bosses, my family, even my friend DON'T know a thing about me.  Clearly this is the problem!  Thank god I have Kelly to show me the way.

The thing is, I usually don't listen to lyrics very much.  I mean, I listen.  I know them.  But I don't really think about what they are really trying to say.  They don't make or break a song for me.  My friend Mary always talks about great lyrics and usually it means very little to me in terms of a song's worth.  I like the orchestrations, the build, the feeling.  But suddenly, because of my sadness, I get it.  These songs MEAN something.  They are saying something, to someone, somewhere, who can relate.  There is pain, there is love, there is hope.  It's why people write music.  And for most people, it is why they listen.  And now, for me, it is why I will listen.  It took me a while, but I get it.  Lyrics are important.  And as blog as my witness, I will now heavily consider them in my popionions about music.

I'm off to listen to something that tells me that I'm a superstar or to get up again when I get knocked down.  Although I suspect that may be about something else.


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  2. I'm sorry you're sad :(

    You should listen to a little You're A Star by Josie at the Pussycats. That always cheers me up!