Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Seasonal Wishlist

Ah, my favorite season is upon us.  No, not the one where you deck the halls with boughs of holly.  Although I suppose that one is fine too.  I'm talking about awards season which, if you live in Los Angeles, is kind of a big deal.  My friends and I can get very festive with our award shows, involving ballot competitions and nominee themed food.  We're just cool like that.  And with the list of SAG nominees coming out this morning, along with the Golden Globes announcement tomorrow, it would seem that these few months of fun are ready to roll.

Unfortunately, this season may not be full of too much joy if the other awards follow the SAG's lead.  I'm a more than a little bit disappointed in the nominations.  I figured that The Descendants would get some questionable love but I was not ready for people to still be all over Moneyball.  I guess Brad Pitt chewed that tobacco really well?  And is this nothing but a posthumous nomination for Fat Jonah Hill?  Frankly, I don't get it.  I didn't get the love for the film and I don't get the love for the actors.  I'm also a little shocked by the Bridesmaids love but at least it is a slightly fun surprise and it will be kind of cool to see all those funny ladies rocking the red carpet.  I've yet to see Midnight In Paris, The Artist, The Help or J. Edgar so I'm just going to pretend that all of those awards are well deserved.  It makes it easier to sleep at night.

On the TV side I'm happy to see Kyle Chandler and Jessica Lange but otherwise am left a bit confused.  Why does everyone love Jon Cryer so much?  This won't change the fact that Duckie didn't get the girl, people!  I also don't know who Patrick J. Adams is, and while I'm sure he's worthy I can't help but think of the hundreds of other males on TV who could have had his spot.  Like, every other actor on Breaking Bad who isn't Bryan Cranston (but yay for his obvious nom)?  Or the other cast members in Boardwalk Empire of Game of Thrones?  And while I have yet to watch Homeland, I hear that's a real sub too.

The good news is, we have the Globes to try to right some of these wrongs.  Now don't get me wrong.  This can be a crazy awards show and the HFPA play strange favorites but in this case I'm actually excited for what that might mean.  Here is some of the crazy things I would love to see happen when the nominations come out:

No Moneyball
I touched on this already, but please make this film go away.  It is trying to ruin my normally steadfast faith in Aaron Sorkin and I am sick of people trying to tell me it was good when it wasn't.

Recognize That Other Movies Besides Bridesmaids Were Funny
It is both kind of horrible and twistedly wonderful that the Globes have a Best Comedy/Musical category.  On one hand, it lets films like The Tourist get a shit ton of wackadoo nominations that even the actors make fun of.  On the other hand, it lets the likes of Adam Sandler,  Emma Stone and 500 Days of Summer have some awards show fun. I'd love to see Crazy Stupid Love break into this category this year as I found it to be the most enjoyable film of 2011 by far. 

Nominate Ryan Gosling For God's Sake!
I mean, REALLY?  First he gets snubbed out of being People's Sexiest Man Alive and now no SAG nominations?  Not for Crazy Stupid Love, not for The Ides of March and not even for Drive?!  I kind of fear that Gosling keeps getting overlooked (as he seriously did by the Oscars last year for Blue Valentine) because people feel like he will win tons of awards throughout his career, so why give them to him now.  To be blunt, this kind of thinking sucks.  Give the boy a nom and recognize how great he is!  Please?!

American Horror Story
Jessica Lange will continue to be nominated and may even have a good shot at winning a ton of awards for playing the tragically self involved Constance Langdon.  But I adore this show and I'd like to see it nominated.  The HFPA has a bit of a Ryan Murphy crush, so it really could happen here.  What probably won't happen is my crazy fantasy that Evan Peters will be recognized for the amazing work that he is doing.  The Globes has a very tiny all inclusive supporting actor category and I worry about Aaron Paul getting in, let alone the young and unknown Peters.  But I think he has been a revelation and would be a crazy name that I'd be thrilled to see.

Connie Britton and Friday Night Lights
Connie Britton is just dandy on American Horror Story but she was nothing short of a revelation on Friday Night Lights.  The Globes are the last awards show that FNL will be eligible for and I would love to see it get just a tiny bit more due.  They should follow the SAG's suit and nominate Chandler but I would love to see Britton and the show snag a nom as well.  'Cause, you know:  Clear eyes, Full hearts, CAN'T LOSE!

Parks And Recreation for...Everything
This to me was the biggest snub of the SAGs.  Please right this wrong Globes.  Parks need to be nominated (and win) Best Comedy.  Amy Poehler needs to be nominated (and win) Best Actress in a Comedy.  Nick Offerman should have already have been nominated and won several awards, so please fix this now.  While your at it, I wouldn't be mad if you threw some love at Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Adam Scott or Aziz Ansari either.  Stop ignoring this show.  It's as wrong as Chris' rule to not let Ben and Leslie date.

Throw Something At Community
I watched my first episode of Community last week, after Twitter told me to.  They made fun of Glee.  They made an obscure Invasion of the Body Snatchers reference.  I was in.  I fear for its cancellation and a little awards show love, of any kind, would help.

I want a lot more for my awards show season, but I'm trying not to be too greedy.  If Santa...I mean the HFPA could just bring me these tiny things I'd be super duper grateful.  Because tis the season.  And I'm psyched.

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