Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Jewish Christmas Dilemma

It isn't easy being a Jew on Christmas.  I mean, it's actually probably more easy than it is to have to stay up until four in the morning putting together toys and eating cookies (actually, that part sounds awesome) but there is a whole other set of problems to contend with.  Where do you eat your Chinese food, for instance?  Do you go out or order in?  And then there's the big question, the one that every Jew spends the pre-holiday season worrying about...What movie do you see?

In the past, the choice was usually clear.  We either went to see movies about families (It's Complicated, The Family Stone), magic (Michael, The Family Man) or a dark yet attention grabbing musical (Dreamgirls, Sweeny Todd).  Last year was a bit of a struggle, and we finally settled on Tangled, which may have been a tad young for a family with adult children, but we all loved it (the 3D aspect helped) none the less.  There has always seemed to be one choice that was the most obvious.  This year?  I have no flipping clue.

The one "family-esque" film that is out, Hugo, just so happens to be one of the two films that I have seen recently.  The other is The Descendants which would have also fallen under the film about families category, but I'm happy to spare my own brood that cinematic disappointment.  The flicks that I'm most looking forward to...Young Adult, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Artist, don't exactly appeal to the rest of my family.  I have no desire to see We Bought A Zoo, my mother thinks Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is too 911 for such a joyous occasion and War Horse, which could be perfect, is playing nowhere near us.  This leaves New Year's Eve, which you know sucks without having to watch it or Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol, which I normally would have never seen but is starting to look like the best option.  Why no one decided to put out a film this year about a zany family who undergoes some kind of magic spell and can't stop singing, I'll never know.

So I'm taking votes.  If you were (or are) a lonely Jew on Christmas, what would you go see?  Or would you screw the whole thing all together for some netflix-ed fare.  Because I think that's where we are headed people.  Thanks Hollywood, for ruining my Christmas tradition.  You have failed me.

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  1. We Bought A Zoo. Duh. Family. Music. Animals.

    Even Playlist liked it and they're not usually big champions of heart-warming. They preferred it to Dragon Tattoo and WAY preferred it to War Horse which they sort of hated.