Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gossip Girl turns 100

I'll admit, Gossip Girl has kind of sucked lately.  So when I saw all the hullabaloo about the show's big 100th episode, I was prepared to be disappointed.  Sure there would be Blair's big wedding to Louis, but we all knew she wouldn't go through with it.  Of course, Chuck would show up and the two would run off together, leaving Dan to sulk while Serena dug her claws back into him again.  Georgina would reappear briefly to try to do something dastardly but would be foiled to disappear from our thoughts for about a year.    And the parents?  Well, they'd be pouty and boring.  Yup, we all knew how this shindig would go down.

Except none of that happened.  Not at all!

Instead, we got some pretty awesome moments.  Here are my top five favorite things about last night's Gossip Girl.

5) Parents to the Rescue
Lily and Rufus being the ones to catch Georgina trying to lay a trap for Louis was nice, but how awesome was the scene where Eleanore barged through Chuck's door, downed his scotch and told him that he was the thing missing at the wedding, basically instructing him to steal her daughter away?  It was kind of kick ass and served as a lovely balance to sweet Cyrus' glee at getting to co-walk Blair down the aisle.

4) Blair and Louis Get Married
When Gossip Girl send out a blast to the entire church of the video of Blair confessing her love to Chuck , it seemed clear that the royal wedding would not be.  Instead, they totally did it!  I was a little shocked that the show went there, until...

3) Louis Turned Evil
God, Louis has been one of the most boring TV characters of all time, hasn't he?  Dry and insecure, I could not see his value on this show and hated that they have kept him around this long.  And then?  After the wedding, scorned Louis reveals to Blair that he had to marry her to keep up appearances but they will have a loveless marriage where she will initially be his dancing monkey.  I though Louis' evil turn was kind of awesome and Hugo Becker rocked it (and somehow suddenly became hotter in like three seconds).  I'm totally up for keeping this version of the character around.  Good job show!

2) Blair Runs Off With Dan!
Oh my little shipper heart!  After Louis destroyed her notions of the romantic life they would lead, Blair made a phone call asking the recipient to take her away from the wedding.  While we saw Chuck speeding towards the hotel, we learned that it was actually Dan that Blair called.  He stole a car and drover her off to what I hope will be the beginning of an excellent adventure.

1) Georgina is Gossip Girl
Maybe shows little Pretty Little Liars have scorned me but I never thought we would learn Gossip Girl's identity.  So zooming in on typing hands and then out to narrating Georgina posting to the scandalous site was simply shocking.  It has crossed my mind that Georgina may be only the "new" Gossip Girl and that there is an original out there waiting to crack heads, but I'll take it either way.  It was a great moment and it made for great TV.

Four for you Gossip Girl!

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