Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Glee, Stop Making Me Hate You.

Remember when I used to recap Glee talking about the things that sucked, were kind of meh and what I actually liked?  Yeah, it has become kind of impossible to do that.  The thing is, I really wanted to like last night's episode.  But I couldn't get over the big problems enough to enjoy the fun Michael Jackson music.  I hated that Quinn got into Yale.  I would have bought her getting into an out of state college, but a girl who spent the first half of the year skipping classes and was certain that she would never get out of her hometown is now Ivy league bound?  I.  Just.  Don't.  Buy.  It.  I hate that Blaine needed to be written out so How To Succeed could happen.  I really hated having to watch Kurt, Rachel and Finn sing to him bedside.  And man do I hate that we are still supposed to believe that The New Directions are awesome when they clearly aren't.

I didn't hate Grant Gustin.  Sebastian is a total douche, but I think Gustin is kind of killing it and is proving to be the delicious villain that Glee really needs.  I do hate that he and Santana had way too much chemistry in their sing off since they are both supposed to be gay and I now kind of ship them.  And speaking of the Sing off, I hate that they sent people out of the room to have it.  How the hell do you know who wins?  See, even the moments I like were tainted by things I hate.

I happen to be one of those people who loves most other Ryan Murphy things, so I believe firmly that Glee could be a good show if it wanted to be.  So please Glee.  Stop making me hate you.

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