Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Glee, I Think I Didn't Hate You!

I didn't hate Glee!  I didn't hate Glee!  Here are some quick thoughts on last night's non-sucktastic episode.

-About five minutes in I knew this was written by Ian Brennan.  He is the only Glee writer who makes me laugh with the show and not at it.  Four for you Ian Brennan!

-Ricky Martin is adorable.  He should act more!  If he's not too busy being the new Gweneth,  I'm voting for a return to General Hospital, where he can bring in some viewers that James Franco didn't.

-Artie's joining in mooning over Ricky Martin and then his subsequent reaction made me laugh out loud. A fun, silly little moment.

-Finn, It's pronounced Adelphi with an I not an EEE.  You should learn that if you do end up going there.

-NeNe Leakes has been way more fun than I thought she would be.  I won't be mad if she sticks around.

-For some strange reason I'm not hating on Sam and Mercedes.  He has finally made her a character and not a caricature.  Maybe they should hook him up with Tina.  And Artie.

-The insanity of Will's number was ridiculous in a good (you know...intentional) way.  It brought me back to Popular.

-Brittany dances!  Where was that during the Michael Jackson show?

-Emma and Will were kind of cute.  They should play them more.  Although maybe they were kind of cute because they don't play them more.

-Sue's wanting a baby, Will's not being able to speak Spanish and the Finn/Rachel engagement are all crazy stupid but weren't overplayed so I could just ignore them and focus on the funny and the music.

Was this episode super meaningful?  No.  But that's kind of what I liked about it.  If the show would remember it's a comedy more, focus on the core characters, let the talent do what they do best I might not want to put a fork in my eye every week.  This was light and fun and totally fork free.

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