Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Scene: The Vampire Diaries

My pop culture loving buddy Mary and I do this thing where we point out a great scene as soon as we're done watching it.  I'm not sure when it started, but I kind of love that it's something we do.  And now, my little pop-ettes, it is something that I'm sharing with you too.  Consider "Great Scenes" a regular feature of this blog.  There.  It's done.

Today the awesome Angst Report talked (and provided hot screencaps for) a scene from last week's The Vampire Diaries in which Damon taught Elena how to stake a vampire.  And yes.  It was good.  In fact, TVD (I choose never to call it VD for obvious reasons) seems to have mastered the art of the scene, providing at least one amazing moment that is sexy, poignant, tense or heartbreaking per episode.  But there is one scene from season two that is all of these things and I love it dearly.  Here we have bad boy with a heart of gold (my favorite TV trope) Damon capturing his prey by the side of the road and revealing to her his great secret.  His internal battle about killing her, coupled with his confession makes it a brilliant little moment that exposes the brilliance of his character.  Also, we get lots of Ian Somerhalder eyes.  So, that's good too.


Great.  Scene.

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